Schools and Visitors

K to 12 educational programs

Parkland Mews offers customized lesson plans for meeting Manitoba school science curriculum outcomes. Class field trips are accommodated in the Visitor Centre and Classroom. Interaction with a live Peregrine is the hallmark of on-site visits.

Outreach programs into schools can also be arranged. Please call (204) 275-1014 for more information.

School students listening to a presentation

Courses about Falconry

Parkland Mews is pleased to provide unique courses dealing with the subject of falconry. Week-end workshops comprising of both practical and theoretical modules are customized for individuals or small groups, and include a 'hands on' experience with Peregrine Falcons. Fees vary according to requirements, please call (204) 275-1014 to arrange.

The Visitor Experience

For those interested in experiencing the Peregrine, Parkland Mews offers specialized tours which provide the opportunity for interaction with this recovering endangered species and a practical experience in Peregrine conservation efforts. While structured for the eco-tourist, tours can be modified for individual needs, family or senior's groups.

Please call (204) 275-1014 for more information.