About Parkland Mews


Parkland Mews barn and visitor centreParkland Mews Falconry and Bird of Prey Education Centre was founded and established as a Canadian registered charity in 1994. Its mandate of "Bird of prey conservation through education, fieldwork and wise stewardship" resulted in a partnership with Manitoba Conservation in 1999 to assist with the provincial recovery effort for the Peregrine Falcon, classified an Endangered species by the Province in 1992.

In January 2000, permits were issued under the Endangered Species Act allowing Parkland Mews to hold Peregrine Falcons for the purpose of recovery. A captive breeding project was initiated, and four Peregrine Falcon chicks were purchased. Parkland Mews undertook its first release of Peregrine Falcons to the wild in 2005.

Ongoing partnerships with government, corporate and educational institutions including Manitoba Hydro and the University of Manitoba, have enabled Parkland Mews to develop the essential resources to fulfill its mandate.

What we do

Located in a park-like setting between the La Salle River and the West Floodway dyke, Parkland Mews consists of a large captive breeding facility in close proximity to numerous wetlands. A Peregrine release tower is located across from the Barn and Visitor Centre. A Classroom is situated within the Visitor Centre, where various educational programs are offered. These programs have been developed to complement the prescribed learning outcomes outlined in the Manitoba school science curriculum. Courses about Falconry and an Eco tourism experience built around the Peregrine are key to the organization's mandate.