The Role of Parkland Mews in Peregrine Research and Conservation

"Bird of prey conservation through education, fieldwork and wise stewardship"

Transmitter on a Peregrine FalconResearching the Peregring with the University of Manitoba

Essential to the ongoing process of expanding the knowledge base for the Peregrine Falcon is the strong research partnership which currently exists between Parkland Mews and the University of Manitoba. On-site field workshops are held at Parkland Mews through the Faculty of Environment and the Department of Biological Sciences. Research projects conducted through Parkland Mews for University of Manitoba Honours, Master and Ph.D. theses provide new findings and insight into Peregrine conservation.

Preserving the Peregrine with Manitoba Conservation

Peregrine chickIn partnership with Manitoba Conservation, Parkland Mews is pioneering a new Peregrine release technique in an effort to improve the conservation status of this species within the Province. Based on principles of falconry, the technique involves shaping the behaviour of captive bred Peregrines to adapt to nesting in human altered landscapes, beyond the urban centers of Winnipeg and Brandon. These efforts form the basis of the Recovery Plan And Strategy For The Peregrine Falcon In Manitoba, issued in 2003.