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In the initial selection process of choosing a dog with the necessary attributes for falconry (or hawking) it was not long before one of the ‘continental’ or versatile breeds became an obvious choice.  While many versatile breeds can be, and are used for falconry, the question of consistency in the field became an issue.

The particular attributes (all critically important) the breeding plan calls for are excellent nose, high degree of cooperation, strong point, can swim like an otter, very good coat and conformation, happy and not gun sensitive.  Also an ability to track on land and water.

Within the versatile breeds the decision was made for selecting a Deutsch Drahthaar.  Within the fifty or so recognised bloodlines from Germany the Korstube line became the line of choice, with its strong showing of Puddlepointer tendencies in the main line.

The D.D. organization with its world class field and breed show tests coupled with its Breed Warden system provided assurance of performance breeding since the early 1900’s.  Not only is testing required before dogs can be bred but strict examination for blood disorders, hip displaysia, coat, conformation and temperament are mandatory as well.

Further to the requirements of the J.G.H.V., the umbrella organization of which the Deutsch Drahthaar Club is a part, additional testing under a North American system (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) is part of the Parkland Mews Deutsch Drahthaar breeding program

A Falconry Dog in the Making
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