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Corinna’s NAVHDA Natural Ability Test

On August 26, 2005 Robert and Nancy Wheeldon travelled to North Dakota in the United States to test the female pup from the Kornstube line chosen to eventually produce dogs suitable for falconry.

The Natural Ability Test measures seven hereditary characteristics that are the basis of a good versatile hunting dog. 

  1. Use of nose
  2. Search
  3. Pointing
  4. Desire to work
  5. Cooperation
  6. Water
  7. Tracking

There are three phases for this test:

1) The field phase
2) The tracking phase
3) The water phase. 

Additionally, there is judgement of physical characteristics such as coat and bite. 

Parkland Mews is pleased to report that Corinna vom Jagdkonig received a Prize One rating with a 112 perfect score in the Natural Ability Test.
(Click here to view the results of the test)

Corinna's History and Test Results:
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The Wheeldons relax with their two Deutsch Drahthaars at the completion of the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.

Corinna had just completed the Tracking Phase on a pheasant that had been released in an open field and ran into dense cover.

Corinna swims boldly in the Water Phase of the Natural Ability Test.

During the Field Phase Corinna hunted in cover where game birds had been previously planted.  She pointed four birds and found five in total.





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