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Welcome SAG Teachers to Parkland Mews Falconry and Bird of Prey Education Centre!


Community Bulletin

  • Watch for the upcoming television series produced by Shaw Cable. The production will document an in-class presentation by Robert Wheeldon of Parkland Mews, in addition to covering topics important to Parkland Mews and its cause. Filming begins November 7th. Check back for broadcast details.
  • Look for an article featuring Parkland Mews and our Recovery Program in the Winnipeg Free Press November 18th.
  • Check us out in a couple of weeks for construction of new flight pens for our Peregrine Falcons.


More about us...

As an organization, our mandate is bird of prey conservation through education, field study and wise stewardship. Our current focus is assisting in the recovery of the Peregrine Falcon in Manitoba. The conservation status of the Peregrine Falcon in Manitoba remains endangered.

We take the responsibility of wise stewardship very seriously, acknowledging as falconers that the Peregrine Falcons we share our lives with on a daily basis are in our care ‘just for a season’. Education therefore is a positive way to engage the public in increasing awareness about Peregrine Falcons and other birds of prey and in particular the use of falconry as a conservation tool.

The captive breeding component and associated fieldwork of our falconry endeavours constantly serve to remind us of the enormous privilege we enjoy in working with these magnificent creatures.

We trust that as you explore this website that you too will share in some of the passion we feel for these birds. Indeed it is with passion that we state ‘Peregrine Falcon Preservation is Paramount for Parkland Mews’.

A little about how this site came into being and an opportunity to thank both Janet Hewitt and James Falconer (no mistake) for their hard work in creating this website. In February 2003 Parkland Mews had an opportunity to present a task to marketing students at the University of Manitoba regarding the future marketing of this organization. Janet and her team along with James hence JamJan Creative Consultants offered to build this website as part of their assignment and bestowed their gift to Parkland Mews as their contribution toward the ongoing Peregrine Falcon recovery effort in Manitoba.

JamJan Creative Consultants would love to hear what you think of our new website. Please click here to visit their site. Be sure to contact them for more information on their services. They would love to work with you on your next project!